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After A Divorce .
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After A Divorce

After a divorce is final, and the divorce decree has been issued, you still need to do a few more things before moving on with your life. First off, read and reread your copy of the divorce decree and make sure there are no mistakes. Familiarize yourself with your and your spouse’s obligations and note the deadline by which these items are to be addressed.

If you notice any mistakes and/or your former spouse missing deadlines, notify your divorce lawyer right away. Next, update any and all necessary documents, especially since your legal name has changed. Some necessary legal documents to update are:
• Your will
• Life insurance policies
• Retirement accounts
• Bank Information (i.e. credit card, checking and savings account)
• Tax withholdings
• Emergency contact information on file (i.e. for employer or children’s school and/or day care)

If you hired a forensic accountant during your divorce, they might be able to assist you with post financial advising. A financial advisor can help plan your retirement plan and review your investments. A divorce attorney can assist you with understanding the processes of estate planning documents, transferring assets, insurance policies, and beneficiary designations, etc.

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