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Case not settled at Marital Settlement Conference .

Case not settled at Marital Settlement Conference

On the date of the Marital Settlement Conference (MSC), the parties and attorneys show up in court, check in with the department where the case is being heard and listen to a few words offered by the courtroom judge before proceeding with the meeting. Then the parties, attorneys and settlement judge begin their meeting and attempt to work out a settlement of all disputed issues. Make sure to listen carefully during the conference to both the hearing officer and your own attorney before making a decision to proceed to trial or settle your case. If by the end of the conference, parties can reach a settlement, the court will allow them to put everything on the record and your divorce can be final on that very day of the MSC, again if you both agree to the terms settled upon.

If parties do not reach a resolution at the mandatory Marital Settlement
Conference, the court shall set a trial date for a full trial. Before the trail, the parties shall file a pre-trial conference statement. In this pre-trial statement, each party will note the specific issues in dispute, each of their proposed permanent disability rating, and list the exhibits and disclosing witnesses. Evidence not disclosed or obtained after the MSC will not be acceptable in court unless the provider of the evidence can demonstrate that it was not available, or could not have been discovered prior to the settlement conference.

Due to the parties being unable to reach an agreement, the court sets a trial date within 75 following the MSC. Once the case is set for trial your attorney will tell you when the trial will be held and will arrange an appointment before that day for you to prepare for that trial.

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