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Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Collaborative divorce is a method of practicing law in which lawyers for both spouses agree to help clients resolve conflicts through cooperation rather than litigation. Everyone involved in the process commits to negotiation, finding common ground, and agrees to no litigation during the process.

In a collaborative divorce, it’s important spouses hire a divorce lawyer to represent him/her during the process of separation. An experienced divorce lawyer will be valuable during the negotiation and settlement to reach resolution of issues of dissolution.

In a collaborative divorce, each party is free to hire their own team of professionals to assist them with their needs during the collaborative divorce. The team consists of a divorce lawyer, financial specialist, and a psychologist that will be their representatives throughout the collaborative divorce. If children are involved then a separate therapist, usually a “Child Specialist”, may also see the child or children to represent their needs to the rest of the team.

The financial specialist, usually an accountant or forensic accountant, can provide services to help with resolving financial issues. All the professionals are committed to working toward a resolution without court, so if either client chooses to take the case to court, the collaborative team will be out of the case. The parties share the costs of these expenses.

It is very important that when you retain any professionals to work with you on a collaborative divorce, you inquire as to whether they have obtained special training in the collaborative process which differs significantly from the traditional approach to divorce.

If you have questions about the collaborative divorce process, contact Thorsteinson Law Group. We provide complimentary consultations, and are dedicated to helping you through the collaborative divorce process. Long Beach Divorce Lawyer and Huntington Beach Divorce Lawyer.

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