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Declarations of Disclosure Required in Divorce .

Declarations of Disclosure Required in Divorce

The Declarations of Disclosure is required in divorce before a judgment of dissolution may be entered. The court requires that a “Declarations of Disclosure” be completed in all California divorces. Preliminary declarations of disclosure are exchanged after a spouse is served with the summons and petition at the start of the case. Final Declarations of Disclosure are usually required to be exchanged 45 days before the first trial date or at the time that a settlement agreement is filed with the court.

The Declarations of Disclosure should include completion of the following:

• Schedule of Assets and Debts where you list all of your known community and separate assets or debts
• Income and expense declaration which covers financial information

These two are the most time-consuming aspects of the disclosure declarations, and it is something you should begin working on promptly, as you will be required to gather various deeds, bank statements, credit card statements, etc. It is also very important for these forms to be filled out accurately and to give a lot of thought to the information you put down, as this information may be used in the future to cross-examine you in court and to call into question the expenses and/or your income.

Don’t be overwhelmed

You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information needed to be provided in these documents which is why you should rely on your divorce lawyer to help. Understand that it is up to you to provide all the necessary documents and to provide accurate information to your attorney so that they can properly prepare these forms.

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