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Divorce and High Net Worth .
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Divorce and High Net Worth

If you have a significant amount of assets and property, then you might have more to lose in a divorce, especially when it comes to dividing up the property and paying things like alimony and child support. If you are worried about the outcome of your divorce and fate of your financial assets, then taking up proper legal protection to ensure your assets are protected is the best option. This is especially necessary due to the extensive amount of research, investigation, and documentation, which makes these types of divorce cases a lot more complicated than other divorce cases.

The individual with a high net worth should definitely consider a few things such as, organizing and identifying the estate’s financial information and seeking the right qualified attorney and forensic accountant to review it. Some things to identify include non-marital assets acquired before the marriage, inherited assets and anything received as a gift to be considered as separate from the marital estate. Non-marital assets, for example, can be money or property obtained before marriage. If you received a gift or inherited property or a large amount of money, that is not considered shared assets between you and your soon to be ex-spouse. After listing the things that are not marital assets you must then identify the marital assets and liabilities that constitute the marital estate that will form the basis for all future legal proceedings concerning the distribution of the marital estate.

Depending on the spousal relationship during the early stages of the divorce, you may need to hire a private investigator to ensure your spouse is not hiding any assets from you. Lastly, partnering with your attorney and forensics accountant to gather the relevant information and create a strategy.

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