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The practice of family law is a serious business. From divorce and child custody cases, to paternity and guardianship, family law matters have both immediate and long-term consequences that change the course of a family’s life. Brett Thorsteinson is a Fountain Valley Divorce Attorney that will treat your case with importance.

Brett Thorsteinson understands family law matters are serious and far-reaching. We know that these are often the most difficult situations in our clients’ lives here in Fountain Valley. While we are dedicated to helping you achieve the greatest possible outcome for your case, we also realize that maintaining the self-respect and emotional health of all the participants is equally important.

We strive to provide our community of Fountain Valley the commitment, competence, and compassion in our practice while we advocate for your rights in family law. Once you bring your family law case to us, we treat your family like we would our own – with the greatest possible care.

Our commitment to upholding our client’s trust comes from our firm principal, Brett Thorsteinson. His unique life experiences as a teacher, an athlete, a pipe fitter, and a fisherman have given him a unique perspective on family matters. He understands the situations of people from all walks of life, even people with limited resources facing divorce or other family law issues. Coupled with his extensive education, his life experience provides a firm foundation for sound legal advice and counsel to his clients regarding their family law cases.

Brett Thorsteinson divorce lawyer is located conveniently off the 405 freeway, serving Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach. With an additional office location in the nearby community of Long Beach, we can also be where you need us when you need us.

We know that family law matters are some of the most difficult of a person’s life. Whether you need immediate legal assistance or are still gathering information, we look forward to helping you and your family with your family law concerns.

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