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Marital Settlement Agreement in a divorce .

Marital Settlement Agreement in a divorce

A Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) is a written document that contains all the terms of your divorce settlement. The writing of an MSA begins when you and your spouse have worked through and agreed on the resolution of all issues. A Marital Settlement Agreement addresses all the divorce issues, including the child custody, division of property and alimony.

After the initial draft has been completed your attorney will add language to clarify the intent of your settlement. The intent is essentially the particulars of how and when the terms of the agreement will be carried out, some terms are immediate and others are enacted over time or may continue for a set schedule. It’s important that you read and understand the agreement, make sure all the terms of the settlement have been included,that you understand any additional language is clear.

Keep in mind that once you sign the Marital Settlement Agreement it is final. There is no changing or revising it. After you sign it, the agreement is sent to the court to get the judge’s signature.

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