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Things To Do After Divorce .
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Things To Do After Divorce

Your divorce is final in the eyes of the court, but there are many activities to be done. It is necessary to follow up with any dues and filing of documents to avoid negative consequences that come from not keeping up with the post divorce process. Similar to any other life altering experience, it pays to take your time. Following through will help you learn where you stand, whether it is financially or figuring out that you have to align yourself with an advocate to help protect your legal rights after a divorce.

This list will get you started.

• Create a list of action items to be completed in accordance with the deadlines in your divorce decree, i.e. the Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
• Update important documents such as life insurance and retirement account beneficiaries
• Prepare a new will and testament
• Change title on your vehicle(s)
• Implement a quitclaim deed and record it at the registry of deeds to transfer the title of the house
• Close all joint bank and credit card accounts
• Exchange any and all personal property awarded to you or your former spouse
• Take note of all taxing changes, i.e. meet with your accountant
• Complete all necessary paperwork for health insurance benefit changes
• If applicable, resume your maiden name and update this information on a new social security card, driver’s license, and debit/credit cards
• Ensure that you are still an emergency contact at your child’s school and/or daycare
• Update any and all utility accounts
• Update, and change all of your passwords to all electronic devices, emails, social media sites, Netflix, Mac and ITunes accounts, etc.

Each item listed can be particular to your situation. If you have specific questions or need help with preparing documents post divorce, contact Thorsteinson Law Group, your trusted and experienced divorce and family law attorney.