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What happens if we do not agree on the amount of child support? .

What happens if we do not agree on the amount of child support?

When parents cannot agree on child support, the judge will decide the child support amount based on the California state guideline calculation. California has a formula (called a “guideline”) for figuring out how much child support should be paid. The guideline calculation depends on:

  • How much money the parents earn or can earn
  • How many children these parents have together
  • How much time each parent spends with their children (time-share)
  • The tax filing status of each parent
  • Support of children from other sources
  • Expenses such as health insurance, mandatory union dues and retirement contributions and the cost of sharing daycare

The child support order may also require the parents to share the costs for:

  • Child care to allow the parent to work or to get training or schooling for work skills
  • Children’s reasonable health-care expenses
  • Traveling for visitation from 1 parent to another
  • Children’s educational needs and other special needs

In a California divorce, the state guideline amount is presumed to be accurate. The judge can only order something other than the guideline amount in very limited situations.

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