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What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference in a California Divorce? .

What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference in a California Divorce?

A Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC) is a conference held between all the parties in the divorce. A court-appointed mediator or judge, all parties and their attorneys must attend. The settlement conference gives the parties an opportunity to settle divorce issues before going to trial.

The Mandatory Settlement Conference will take place about one month prior to your divorce trial and is usually held in the court building. Before the MSC, both attorneys prepare a Brief, submit it to the court and deliver a copy to your spouse. The Brief contains the essential facts and argument that make up your divorce case.

At the MSC attorneys will “meet and confer” with each other to discuss the issues and work toward a resolution. In some cases a judge may be involved in the settlement negotiations by holding a “chamber conference”. Everyone in the case is required to file a written statement describing how settlement negotiations are progressing.

If a resolution is reached at the conference, there is no need for a divorce trial. While many divorce cases settle at the MSC, those that do not still benefit by having the opportunity to settle some issues. For example, they may come to an agreement about child custody but not about division of property. In these cases, the partial settlement is binding but a judge will consider the other issues at trial.

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